What solutions could be unlocked by bringing your best minds together?

With training in meeting design and facilitation combined with years of experience, we have helped nonprofits and foundations bring their best thinkers together in conversation to:

  • Create strategic plans
  • Interpret studies or reports and translate them into action
  • Conduct annual board retreats
  • Build shared values
  • Have important conversations
  • Make decisions

We are known for our playful and engaging meeting designs and a warm, empathetic facilitation style that values the input and thinking of the participants.

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Workshops and Retreats help you align around shared decisions


  • Individual interviews of each participant
  • Development of tools to illustrate concepts
  • Design of slides, handouts or other materials
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Advice on meeting logistics and space configuration
  • Documentation of outcomes

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How to Embed Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access into Grantmaking and Grantseeking

Today there are increasing discussions around these power dynamics in fundraising, accelerated by the social justice movement of 2020. This article will explore how approaching grantmaking through a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) helps to dismantle traditional power imbalances.
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Just Don’t Make Me Fundraise!

Ever heard this from a board member? Many board members simply dread being asked to raise funds. We are taught that how much money someone has is considered personal information and is socially inappropriate to discuss. Since fundraising is a core responsibility of nonprofit boards, it’s well worth the effort to turn this around.
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From The Blog

The Art of Facilitation

by Molly Penn Definition of Facilitation: to make (an action or process) easy or easier.  As we know, it is often quite challenging to make something look (or feel) easy.  This is the art of facilitation.  Facilitation is a large component of successful strategic planning.   Isn’t data crunching and analysis the core component of strategic […]

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