What would your social impact be if your organization was running with more clarity and efficiency?

We’ve partnered with 55+ organizations to lead internal change, assess how they are doing, develop their board and build a strong culture to support new ways of working.

Whether you have a question about building systems to support your work, understanding your impact, developing your board, strengthening your culture, strengthening internal communications, training, leadership development, or any number of other topics having to do with how organizations work well, we can help.  We work with organizations to deeply understand your needs and gather perspectives on the issue and then customize solutions grounded in best practices and equity.

nonprofit organization development

Organizational development strengthens your effectiveness 


  • Organizational assessment
  • Change management
  • Board development
  • Organization design
  • Executive coaching
  • System building
  • Peer or individual coaching
  • Decision making processes
  • Values development
  • Performance management
  • Program evaluation
  • Theory of Change
  • Succession planning
  • Policy development/review
  • Job descriptions
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Internal communication
  • Trainings & Facilitation

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Featured Articles

Image of interlocking gears to illustrate systems

Why Systems are the Key to Growth

by Molly Penn Have you ever thought about what systems can do for you?  We specialize in thinking about this question. As consultants who work with nonprofits and foundations to help them change the world (a lofty goal), we recognize the importance of starting with the smallest step – building systems to support people in […]
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A relay race handoff from a white hand to a black hand to illustrate succession planning

4 Kinds of Succession Planning

by Molly Penn Succession planning is a hot topic these days!  This article will give you tips for navigating 4 different kinds of succession planning.  As organizational development specialists who work with an equity forward lens, we have gotten a lot of inquiries about succession planning so we thought we’d share these strategies.  Succession planning refers […]
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A picture of a crowd of protestors protesting the murder of George Floyd

Designing Power: How to help Anti-Racism Take Root in Your Organization

by Marita Phelps and Molly Penn Many of us are asking ourselves, in both our personal lives and professional roles: What can I do to end racism and create equity for people of color?  Last year, many formerly complacent Americans woke up. The deaths of people like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Eric Garner, and Tamir […]
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The Art of Facilitation

by Molly Penn Definition of Facilitation: to make (an action or process) easy or easier.  As we know, it is often quite challenging to make something look (or feel) easy.  This is the art of facilitation.  Facilitation is a large component of successful strategic planning.   Isn’t data crunching and analysis the core component of strategic […]

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