DIVERSITY, EQUITY, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA)

What could you accomplish if every member of your team to brought their full selves to work and contributed to decisions with authority and imagination?

As allies and change-makers, we’re not afraid to unpack and address the elements of societal, organizational and interpersonal racism and ableism that too often hold organizations back.  

diversity consulting

DEIA work includes:

  • Board development trainings / consultation
  • Culture change for equity & inclusion
  • DEIA strategic planning
  • Accessibility audit
  • Values development
  • Soliciting constituent feedback
DEIA Workshops
  • DEIA Strategic Planning
  • Designing Power (structural ways to address DEI)
  • Also see our DEIA training series
  • Accountability circles
  • Policy development / review
  • Affinity group facilitation
  • DEI organizational assessment
  • DEIA review of grant proposals
  • DEIA review of grantmaking
DEIA Training Series:

These workshops may be booked as a single training, sequentially, or in groups of 2-5.

  1. Understanding bias and DEIA
  2. Creating connections (interdependence)
  3. Intersectionality & allyship
  4. Dealing with microaggressions
  5. Integrating DEIA into your organization
  6. Navigating conflict

Interested in getting training for your staff? Check out our trainings here.

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