If you were to create your organization all over again, from scratch, what would you do?


If you’re like the 60+ organizations we have worked with to build strategic plans, you are at a critical CHANGE POINT in your company’s history. 

  • Maybe you want to rethink your role in a shifting market and create unique value.

  • Maybe you’re adjusting to changing demographics and you need to re-examine and strengthen your relevance.

  • Maybe you’re a new Executive Director and you want to align your organization around a new vision and strategy.

  • Maybe you need to clarify your social profit and elevate your public profile.

Molly Penn of Penn Creative Strategy

we can help.

We ask hard but essential questions that help you reorient your mission to incorporate new areas of growth and opportunity.  

We prepare your organization for transitions to protect or improve company culture and internal dynamics.

We offer guidance in how you will evaluate the impact of your work.

We provide strategic plans that help you unlock funding, clarify your identity, diversify your staff and Board, and plan the next level of growth for your organization.


Success Story:
Ensemble Studio Theatre


EST had begun a path toward stronger curation of the plays it produced, increased financial stability and a professional marketing function.  


Ensemble Studio Theatre (EST) had earned a loyal but limited audience, who were willing and able to come to its second floor space, with no elevator and significant limitations that hindered its administrative and audience capacity.  EST had an opportunity to relocate to a street-level space which would bring greater visibility and the ability to expand the seating capacity.


We researched EST’s current market position, its financial sustainability and its rapidly developing neighborhood to develop a plan rooted in its new space that:

  • Embraces opportunities to move from individual developmental initiatives that were limited in scope to a more comprehensive pipeline process with phased developmental options across all of its programs,

  • Diversifies its board, staff and member artists,

  • Raises its visibility and builds its brand utilizing segmented marketing strategy

  • Strengthens its financial and administrative capacity



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