Our Leadership Development Program

We’ve spent the last four months building a thorough leadership development curriculum.  The program commences with a proprietary, holistic, 360-degree organizational assessment that measures:

·      Culture & leadership

·      Lifecycle placement

·      Diversity, equity and inclusion

·      Strategy

·      Organizational capacity

·      Understanding of business model

Based on this data, leaders work with each other in pairs and as a group on developing a personal leadership development plan tailored to their individual results.  The program unfolds over 8 sessions, each devoted to a different aspect of leadership:

1.    Self-analysis to understand your leadership strengths and areas for improvement

2.    Creating and recruiting others to a compelling vision for your organization

3.    Creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

4.    Leading staff development

5.    Providing support and motivation to direct reports

6.    Building a strong board

7.    Leading change

8.    Reflection and learning

Each session begins with an improv activity, designed to loosen up the participants, and that is illustrative of the topic for that session.  Then there is some brief presentation of the topic, followed by pairing the participants together with an “accountability partner” to translate the topic into their personal leadership strengths and challenges.  Finally, we end with a plenary discussion that allows for reflections by the whole group on that session’s topic.

Over the course of the 8 sessions, leaders work on their personal leadership development plan – refining it as they move through the curriculum.  Finally, at the end of the program, the participants are asked to again take the holistic 360-degree organizational assessment, so they have concrete data on how they developed their leadership as part of this program.  Should they wish to continue working, this last assessment will give them a good baseline to inform their future self-development.

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