How much of your time is spent managing others instead of leading social change? 


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if you are like the dozens of executive leaders we’ve coached, TOO MUCH OF your time is SPENT managING others, leaving you too little opportunity to lead CHANGE THAT WILL STRENGTHEN your organization.

  • How much of your time is spent envisioning the future, instigating change or pivoting your organization?

  • What are your tendencies when under stress and how do those undermine your leadership?

  • How much of your time gets claimed by supervising your team, managing your board, dealing with HR issues?

  • Are you attracting the right workers who share your values and the mission of your company?


we can help.

We provide both cohort and personalized executive leadership coaching, with a focus on helping you become a strong leader, who is able to lead the way towards positive organizational change.

The role of a manager is to keep things running. The role of the leader is to instigate growth and forward momentum - we help you stay focused on the change you envision.

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Success Story:
Fairfield County’s Community Foundation - Executive Leadership Group


Fairfield County's Community Foundation wanted to create a cohort-based peer learning group of grantees - Executive Directors from promising nonprofits in the county. The focus of the group was to provide individual coaching for each Executive Director and facilitate a monthly peer learning session.


The role of Executive Director is a lonely one. It is without peers in the organization, yet it is the crucial facilitator of the work of both the staff and the board. 


We worked with Foundation leaders and donors and members of the group to design a curriculum focused primarily on the distinction between management and leadership. Now in its fifth year, the program continues to build the capacity of Executive Directors throughout Fairfield County. Through problem solving with a safe cohort of peers, these Executive Directors are better able to thrive and have the resiliency to address challenges head-on. 


Molly has mastered the art of coaching and has helped me realize my full potential by asking powerful questions that help broaden my perspective and challenge my mindset ... With her help, I have become a more effective leader.

— Elizabeth Torres, CEO / Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust


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