What will you do to make sure your next retreat is meaningful, engaging and productive?


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if WE HAD TO GUESs… you’ve already secured your people’s time and a venue for your big retreat. now you’re wondering how to accomplish what you hope in such a concentrated time.

  • Maybe you need to do a few days of strategic planning to set yourself up for success

  • Maybe you just want to make sure your annual retreat is fun and engaging

  • Maybe you’re trying to solve a persistent challenge

  • Maybe you’re looking to build cohesion in a team


we can help.

Our expert facilitators are highly experienced in running productive, engaging meetings, designed to draw out constructive conversation and decision-making.

We design safe conversation spaces in which all voices are heard and have equal input into the process.

We ensure the group is clear about the agenda and the expected outcomes, and we provide advance work to help fuel the group’s thinking and conversation day-of.

Our facilitation ensures your event or retreat is not “just another meeting.” We aren’t afraid to have fun while we squeeze everything we can out of a concentrated timeframe!


PENN Creative Strategy adeptly facilitated our annual strategic planning retreat. They gave us thought-provoking questions to consider in advance. They were patient, perceptive, and directive - all qualities that proved critical to guiding us through a productive and invigorating session.

— Frank Abdale, Board Chair / Association of Nonprofit Specialists


don’t plan another boring meeting

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